Give your pet a holiday while you're away


Welcome to our new (and improved) booking form

Here are some things to note before we start:

  • We have combined the pet, vet, and booking information into one single form
  • The first time you complete the form, all fields must be completed. After that, the form conveniently remembers most of the information from the previous submission.
  • The fields that must be completed every time are: The terms & conditions, pet vaccinations, medical information, and pet grooming.
  • We no longer accept manual bookings, unless there are special requests. 
  • You will receive an email confirming all your details. A booking is only confirmed once the payment has been completed.
  • Changes to bookings must be made through our head office.

We hope you enjoy our new boarding experience.

P.S. You can just click the close button in the top right corner to close this message.