Edward Masinda
Edward Masinda
Groomer Training Maestro

Edward is 54 years old and is married with one child, who is also a qualified groomer. He comes from Kibler Park and lives in Soweto and completed school in Std 6.

Prior to Fluffs-n-Tufts he worked at Productive Pets caring for the animals and where he started his grooming career. He moved to various grooming parlours and obtained a Certificate for 5 years experience in grooming.

Edward came to Fluffs-n-Tufts in 2012 and is now our Senior Groomer. He is well known in the Poodle and Schnauzer communities with his excellent styling. He trains all the students who come to us for grooming training and has obtained a Grooming Certificate of excellence from Fluffs-n-Tufts.

After hours he is a “handy man” who enjoys fixing things, music and visiting family and friends.