Professional day care, boarding, grooming, training & therapy

Fluffs-n-Tufts provides a fun place for dogs, cats, birds and rabbits to exercise & socialise while being cared for by safety-certified pet care specialists.



Our community orientated venues are great for you and your pets to unwind. Our venues are a fantastic place for your pet to have a holiday while you're away, and if you are home, there is a homey coffee shop, that offers fresh food, and some great menu options for your dogs.


A vast variety of services including: daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and behavioural consultations. We offer a wide range of therapies including: TTouch, Bemer, socialisation, water-based rehabilitation therapy, and specialised rehabilitation triage units.


Our team has been carefully selected, are friendly, and well trained to ensure that your pet gets the best care possible when they are in our hands. You can have peace-of-mind in knowing your pets are safe with us.


Our adventure wonderland is specially constructed to keep dogs entertained, and amused. If they like water, there is even a little dam from them to splash around in, while you enjoy a freshly brewed cup at our coffee shop.


Our facilities are built with your pet in mind. From automatically refilling water bowls, to heated enclosed areas, to specialised beds to keep them comfy. We have everything your pets needs to be safe and comfortable 365 days a year.


Our service offering is extensive, which means anything your pet needs, we can offer. This also means that your pets get to know us, and build a relationship with us, making them feel at home as much as they would with you.

Keep your dog entertained and out of trouble while you work
Keep your furry friend happy and clean with our state of the art grooming services, catering to your every need.
Both humans and dogs need to understand how to work with one another. With us, you will train with your beloved dog.


We would like to remind you to stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy during these trying times. We are still operational for Boarding and Daycare throughout the lockdown. Please contact our head office for more information.

Remember to check for verified information on the COVID-19 virus at: https://sacoronavirus.co.za