Both humans and dogs need to understand how to work with one another. With us, you will train with your beloved dog.


Puppies and dogs benefit from the classes because they have the opportunity to learn about what people like (e.g. Good manners) thereby increasing their chances of survival in our human households. They will be exposed to all kinds of things they will need to cope with in later life e.g. Vets, strange people, other dogs and new situations. The classes will help build their self-confidence and contribute to their general well-being. Added into the classes you will also be given some TTouch skills as well as basic Clicker Training skills to show you how to work through positive reinforcement rather than dominance and force. This will ensure a very well balanced dog.

Classes: We do classes either at the Riverclub Vet (cnr of 13th St. and Olympia Ave. Parkmore) or Fluffs-n-Tufts on Main 2 Sangster, Magaliessig (near Didata Campus). You can start with any of the classes and can interchange if you have to miss a lesson for any reason. We run our classes on an ongoing basis as there are always 2 – 3 instructors, depending on the amount of dogs at the school. This means you can start at any time and can finish when you feel you have done enough. You come once a week.

Fees: There is a once off R180 registration fee payable on submission of your registration form. As soon as we have received payment of your registration fee or the full monthly amount then we will send you your Class Manual.  

Bank Details: 
Animal Think Tank
FNB Bryanston 
Branch Code: 250 017
Account Number: 62379337324
Reference: Your name + puppy's name.

Please e-mail proof of payment to 

Fees: R180 Registration fee and R1200 for the course of 8 weeks. You can pay per class but we require a payment upfront or you can buy a voucher for 8 weeks and use when you come to class.

Treats: Please DO NOT feed your dog his meal before class and bring along a treat bag/moon bag with lots of soft small treats like chicken viennas, chicken or other cold meat cut up small. Please don't bring biltong, droë wors or their normal every day food. If you have a moon bag or any sort of bag you can attach around your waist please bring it along. Don't buy anything new for your dog until you have been to class. We have everything you need here including harnesses and leads. 

We do offer continuous training, fun heel work to music and agility. Just ask when you want more info on these but we suggest that you stay in a training program for as long as possible.

NB: We stock Hills, Eukanuba, Acana, Royal Canin & Ultra Dog Pet foods and deliver free of charge.


If you have any further questions please refer to our FAQ below or call us. 

Frequently asked questions for puppy school.

What equipment do you use in class?  – we use step in harnesses and double clip leads. You can buy this in our shop or at Riverclub vet.

What if I miss a class? -  if you miss a class- you can come to any of the other classes. 

Can I pay per lesson? – Yes you can.  The cost is R175 per lesson payable to the instructor on the day you come.

Are there still classes when it rains?  – Yes there are still classes if it rains. Bring along an umbrella and rain jacket. 

What must I bring with me to class?  – Your puppy training bag, if you have purchased one from us, a treat bag and soft treats. If you don’t have a bag bring along a dog toothbrush, toothpaste, a grooming brush, a retrieve toy, poo bags, double clip long lead. (these articles are packed together in our puppy training bag for you convenience)

Can I use my dogs normal food – ideally not unless your dog is on a special diet and is not allowed anything else.

Can I feed my dog before class – no otherwise you will not be able to use food as a reward.

Can I work with two dogs if I am the only handler – no rather bring one dog on another day.

Will I have to use the clicker and treats for the rest of my dog’s life? -  No the clicker is used until your dog understands the behaviour well. The clicker and treats will be faded out as your dog progresses and only used to teach new behaviours.